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Examples: Patent Simple Food Recipe

Been told that you can't patent a simple food recipe? Well, these applicants didn't listen and ended up with granted patents:


Simplest patent ever: Method of making a MARSHMALLOW:


That's it! US patent no. 3062661 was issued for this method.

But, this is what you also need to know to make a proper marshmallow:

  1. Dissolve 80 parts of sugar into 10 parts of water and 54 parts of corn syrup
  2. Add another 54 parts of corn syrup at storage temperature
  3. Extrude the marshmallow product through an extruding nozzle
Food Recipe

Sandwich spread

You can patent your favourite SANDWICH SPREAD! Cote‐d'Or ‐ that "now famous" chocolatier ‐ got a patent for a scrumptious spread made by heating:

to at least 72 Celsius.

That's it! Now, if they had just added a few pickles, Cote‐d'Or would likely have lacked capacity to break into the chocolate business. The vicissitudes of business!

Patent: US2893872

Food Recipe

Aero chocolate

AERO secured their dominant position in the chocolate market by patenting:

Seriously, their patent no. GB459582 entitled "Improvements in manufactured articles of food" claimed: "A manufactured article of food consisting of an edible fatty medium which medium at a temperature not greatly exceeding approximately 32 degrees Celsius becomes fluid or semi‐fluid, characterised by the whole article up to a temperature of approximately 32 degrees Celsius being in the form of a rigid cellular structure." In English: … Aerated chocolate.

Food Recipe

Jelly Bean

JELLY BEAN owes much of its 100 years of highly profitable success to its patent for:

Seriously! Jelly Bean's patent no. US315559 entitled "Confectionery" claimed "A candy consisting of the combination of a hard smooth exterior composed of sugar with a soft interior composed of marshmallow." In English … Sugar coated marshmallow.

Food Recipe

Ice cream

For years, ESKIMO PIE Ice Cream kept competitors at bay by patenting:

Seriously, their patent no. US1404539 entitled "Confection" claimed: "A confection comprising a core of normally liquid material frozen to a substantially solid state and sealed within an edible, sustaining and form retaining casing adapted to maintain the confection in its original form during handling." In English: … chocolate coated ice cream.

Food Recipe
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